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Bridging Operational Gaps

Make Workflows Easy

We bridge data streams.

We make workflows easy by bridging the operational gap. For the past 10 years, clients have trusted WorXs to automate their manual processes and provide actionable data in real-time. As a result clients are able to drive productivity,alleviate stress, and minimize errors.

Do you struggle with any of these?

Are you running your operation off of spreadsheets and paper?

Do you have systems that don't talk to each other?

Are you wasting time on busy work?

Are you experiencing a lack of reporting?

Are you not finding information quickly?

Imagine the Opportunities

Workflow Management
Project Management
Real Time Dashboard Reporting
Customer Relationship Management

Easy-to-configure forms |  Centralized data |  Upload spreadsheets
Connect to other systems |  Access systems from desktop, tablet or mobile

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Understand the Benefits

What is the cost benefit of using a tool like WorX?

  • On average, we find that our clients save between 2 to 4 hours per day related to activities that they normally have to hunt and search for what they need. For example, 4 hours saved per day X 5 days X 52 Weeks = 1040 hours saved annually. An average employee that you pay $20/hour is about $40/hour of total cost with benefits. Annually this will amount to a savings of $41,600 just for one employee.

What is the benefit of a workflow management tool?

•  Bridges the gaps between multiple systems and paper where manual entry and errors can occur.
•  Streamlines tasks such as pending, in-progress, completed so in real time you see where things are at making people more productive.
•  Provides team members reminders and alerts related to tasks that are assigned to them in real time.

What is the benefit of a Project Management tool?

•  Details around a specific project are located in one spot which saves time and ensures everyone is referencing the correct information.
•  You are able to see scheduling so you can better communicate with your internal and external groups on what is happening real time.
•  Pennies matter. Being able to track actual cost to a budget. Staying on budget allows you to ensure your customers expectations are met.

What is the benefit of an Operations tool?

•  Receive notifications from a real time QC Tool which has the ability to notify key team members when things are not going as planned.
•  Ensures that processes are followed as designed. Keeps your team accountable related to the process.
•  Provides a clean audit trail – helps if your client needs to know what happened when.

What is the benefit of a Dashboard and Reporting tool?

•  Helps you identify areas of operational success and weaknesses – quickly in a visual way right at your finger tips.
•  Allows you to see real time how things are progressing which identifies bottlenecks which are cost to your organization.
•  Collects and displays information that you have always wanted, but could either never get in a timely manner, or never get it at all. Allows you to make decisions more quickly which can help increase revenue or decrease cost.

What is the benefit of an Inventory tool?

•  Real time tracking allows you to lower your inventory level and save money.
•  You can also tie shipments back to LOTS of production yielding time savings if you have issues or need to report to others about what was shipped.
•  Field teams can see what is available so they can plan their activities based directly on what is available which makes better use of team members time.

What is the benefit of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool?

•  A CRM system provides a framework for conducting follow ups as well as documenting what you discussed with whom. On average it can take up to 11 touches to win an account. Over 70% of sales team members do not follow up effectively.
•  Other groups down stream from the sales team know what is in the pipeline – increasing the likelihood that the operations team is ready to meet the demand from the sales team.
•  Dashboards provide a discussion for management and sales about what is going on – where are the opportunities, and what are the challenges.

Wow your customers. Communicate Better. Drive Productivity.

The reporting and flexibility that WorX Solution has provided allows me to WOW my clients and grow my business. Our clients have turned to us to provide them data that their own systems couldn’t provide leaving them saying “we have never had this type of information before”. We have never had to turn a client down with the data they want. As a result, we grew our business by 60% by word of mouth only.

Elizabeth TempleOwner, Birchwood

Trackvia has helped us with communication and visibility to what is happening with our projects. Now our partners and team members can easily access the information and know exactly what is going on, where before they would have to call or email several people and then wait to get the status or the details they needed. It has allowed us to be more efficient and better serve our customers. Plus all of our specs are in one central spot and that saves us time on future projects.

Kelly Michelle BofferAccount Manager, Studio 121

Implementing Trackvia has drastically reduced data entry time, and automated numerous processes in order to reduce human error. The process improvement has made our company exponentially more productive and given us access to much more data which has led us to make better decisions.

Michael KershnerOwner, Innovative Lighting


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Our Process


Everyone is on the same page.

We determine and define the five to ten key features that you need.
You provide structural feedback.
We schedule up to 6 meetings to review each part of your new system.
We get to work.
Our team begins building your application while continuing to meet.
Implementation tools for your business
We create training videos, conduct training sessions and answer questions.
We're here for your success.
We touch base weekly for the first 4 to 6 weeks to smooth implementation.

Who We Are

dennis jackson

Dennis Jackson


Dennis has over 20 years of experience in the consumer products, customer service and healthcare industries. As principal of WorX Solutions Management, LLC, Dennis is passionate about helping teams bridge that operational gap to achieve results. His career has repeatedly positioned him to conduct the efforts of multiple stakeholders in processes across organizations and far-flung geographic locations.

He specializes in finding new, better ways to solve problems and his approach has repeatedly resulted in achieving results at scale. Dennis holds an MBA from Union University. He has served as the past PTO president for Ravenwood High School and served as the Treasurer for the Tennessee Hemophilia Foundation. Dennis is serving as the Vice President of the Kiwanis Club of Historic Downtown Franklin. His passion is helping youth achieve so he supports many of the marching bands in the area. Ask him about the Rose Bowl!!!

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