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CRM software

WorX Solutions provides custom applications that streamline complex workflows and business processes. We make it easy for our clients to collect data accurately, analyze data in real-time, and take immediate action through automated tasks, alerts or even emails.

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One of our most popular applications we provide to solve the most common business challenge is our CRM application:

CRM softwareManaging contacts is just the beginning. With our CRM software you can track all sales activity— every lead, opportunity, and customer—and take action from wherever you are.

Learn more about how our workflow tools can help streamline your critical operational processes.  Watch our industry specific video case studies:

•   Construction Services 

•   Medial Device Manufacturer 

•   Apparel Manufacturer

 Application Features & Capabilities

♦  Fully Customizable

Forget cookie-cutter software. We easily create custom workflows for virtually any operational process.

♦  Easy Integrations

Maximize your application’s value by incorporating other services or internal systems into your apps. A few examples of systems we can connect with are QuickBooks, Outlook, Gmail, Constant Contact, and a host of others.

♦  Customized Dashboards

We transform your organization’s data into interactive dashboards for a creative, intuitive and easy user experience.

♦  Notifications & Alerts

When one step in a workflow or process is complete, we automatically trigger the next step in your process to begin.

♦  Interactive Reports

Leave pivot tables behind and roll up data into reports anyone can create, use and understand.

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