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workflow management software

Streamline Workflows & Business Processess

WorX Solutions Management is a workflow management software developer and business intelligence foundry. We improve processes by moving manual processes and spreadsheets onto streamlined, web-based business applications.

We are a leading mobile workflow management solution that unites workers with all their data, processes and collaborations—in one environment, on any mobile device through a simple, user-friendly interface.

workflow management software

Better Data Collection

Whether collecting data on the warehouse floor, in the office or out in the field, WorX Solutions makes data collection faster, easier and more accurate.

WorX Solutions integrated web and mobile solution allows you to:

♦  Easily enter data from your desk or on the go using a phone or tablet
♦  Quickly capture pictures, signatures, geo-location info or scan bar codes
♦  Instantly centralize all your workflow data in once place

Note: Texas A&M GeoServices provides geocoding on behalf of WorX Solutions.

Smarter Decision Making

Built-in business intelligence allows you to visualize all of your workflow data in real-time via charts, graphs and more so you can identify problems or take action to increase efficiency.

We Develop Web Apps in Weeks, Not Months

We know that rapid development is essential to your success. We emphasize speed when you hire us to work with you, and continually refine the application to meet your needs.

Request a free consultation and demo to learn how WorX Solutions can help you streamline your workflows and business processes. workflow management software

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WorX Solutions helps you identify opportunities, and provide solutions for chaotic business operations. Reach out today to see how we can help you get rid of BPD!