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We Solve Business Process Challenges

WorX Solutions is a business process management software solution that improves workflow efficiency and increases overall organizational productivity. Execute the same way, every time with standardized processes and centralized data.

We build custom web applications for customer on-boarding, field service requests, service and support, work order management, shipping management and more.

Meet Our Team

Dennis Jackson

business process management softwareThe WorX Solutions Team is your local team that brings over 80 years of business experience to your organization along with a business process management software solution that turns your DATA into INFORMATION – enabling you to grow your organization.

Work Experience Backgrounds of the WorX Solutions Team:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Sales/Marketing
  • Retail
  • Banking
  • Government

Core Competencies that the WorX Solutions Team provides to our clients:

  • Logistics – MBA, Supplier Quality, Process Improvement, Financial Analysis
  • Supply Chain – MBA, Supplier Quality, ISO experience, Procurement Process Improvement
  • Process Improvement – Quality Systems, Lean/Six Sigma, Kaizen, Expert Process Mapping
  • Sales – Lead development, Relationship Building, Process Improvement
  • Human Resources – Strategic Planning, Succession Planning, Policy and Financial Analysis
  • Technology – Web-design, Search Engine Optimization, Typography, Color Theory, Motion Graphics
  • Marketing – Branding, Design, Social Media Marketing
  • Project Management –Construction Management, Technology Implementation, Well-Being

The WorX Solutions Team backgrounds is what helps our clients achieve greater success along with the business process management software solution. These resources are here to help deliver an outcome that provides dashboards and information that achieve greater success for your organization.

Kayla Barrett

business process management softwareKayla dwells on ways to help others move to the next level in their professional and personal development. Her industry experience spans 20+ years in both the corporate sector and non-profit world where she has worn hats such as Director of Organizational Strategy, Director of Human Resources and Director of Staff Development.

Kayla’s experience allows her to walk alongside your team to identify your people development needs then helps you discover a hands-on approach that advances your organization’s vision and competitive advantage. She is President of Organization Impact, LLC, a certified DiSC facilitator and the author of “Leadership Shorts: Practical Tips When You Are at Wit’s End”.

To learn more, visit www.organizationimpact.com

 Janet Rives

business process management softwareJanet, President and Founder of In Plan Sight, LLC, has 20 years experience in B2B and B2C industries of which her background focused extensively on aligning market plans with operations to execute go-to-market strategies and products more successfully and profitably to ever changing customers.

Janet’s company, In Plan Sight, LLC is a business planning strategy firm with a focus on aligning organizations for new growth opportunities. They provide a road map, easy to use tools, and holistic support to stay ahead of the rate-of-change of customers and competition while focusing on the business their clients win best.

To learn more, visit www.inplansight.com

Texas A&M GeoServices

am-geoservicesTexas A&M University GeoServices offers direct access to the latest cutting edge research on geocoding, address parsing, normalization and standardization, and open source geospatial mapping and visualization.

To learn more, visit www.geoservices.tamu.edu

BusinessViser | Donna Kane

We help new business owners through the start-up phase. From determining business formation, federal and state registrations to business development services. In addition to helping start-ups, we also help busy professionals and small businesses build, manage, and maintain their business. We offer a broad range of services from administrative support, bookkeeping, website design to email newsletters.

To learn more, visit www.businessviser.com

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