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If you work in the IT industry there are certain words that are no stranger to your vocabulary. However, the end users don’t live in the tech industry. Their main priority is “ will this platform help me meet my needs?” Plain and simple. 

Here is a guide popular words in the tech industry for the Average Joe:


According to IT Gartner Glossary “ Digitization is the process of changing from analog to digital form.” 

Average Joe: Same data but instead of writing on paper it is now being keyed in on a computer.

Low Code/ No Code

According Kissflow “ Low-code is a software development approach that requires little to no coding to build applications and processes. Instead of using complex programming languages, you can employ visual interfaces with basic logic and drag-and-drop capabilities in a low code development platform. Users with no advanced knowledge of coding or software creation may use these intuitive techniques to build software for several purposes, such as creating mobile and business applications.”

Average Joe: You don’t have to a software developer in order to build a process for your business to follow in a platform on the computer.  

The difference between no code and low code is for low-code people who know a computer language have the ability to get fancy and add coding in the background, but not required in order to work.

Citizen Developer

According to IT Gartner Glossary ” A citizen developer is an employee who creates application capabilities for consumption by themselves or others, using tools that are not actively forbidden by IT or business units. A citizen developer is a persona, not a title or targeted role. They report to a business unit or function other than IT”

Average Joe: Someone outside of the IT department that takes the lead and quickly creates platform so that their team can have the necessary resources to be more productivity. The citizen developers are using a low code platform that doesn’t require you to know computer programming.

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