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ID+A Increases Sales, Efficiences, Forecasting, and Financial Planning with WorX Solution CRM

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Previously relying on spreadsheets, pen and paper, and outdated forms of process management, ID+A chooses WorX Solution CRM to increase sales, squash inefficiencies and allow for process management, financial planning and sales forecasting.

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ID+A works with their clients on more than selling furniture; ID+A partners with customers to provide a “single source” point of responsibility for planning and overseeing comprehensive workplace services. “We want our customer’s space to clearly reflect their values, mission, and future. This means we specialize ourselves in space planning, alternative construction methods for interiors, acoustics, raised flooring, signage, interior finishes and artwork outside the furniture specification,” said Jessica Hardin, Team Lead of ID+A.

Surprisingly, although an established organization, with more than 30 years of experience, ID+A relied only on Excel spreadsheets, pen and paper, and outdated forms of process management for tracking key performance data across the business.

With a sales team of 14, ID+A representatives were tracking tasks, communications, and prospect notes amongst themselves. This presented numerous challenges. The time spent maintaining, sorting, and forecasting data was becoming an ever-growing problem. Similarly, missed sales opportunities become increasingly prevalent. As a very process-driven company ID+A felt like their business process was incomplete. The sole component left out was sales.

Realizing the need for an established and documented process and platform for the sales team to use, share, and organize information, ID+A turned to WorX Solution’s CRM.

Jessica explains, “It was a little daunting to see so much unorganized information at one time. Moving forward, we needed to think of this as a strategic planning process, forecasting, and marketing tool.”

With the launch of the WorX Solution CRM platform, ID+A split its sales team in groups of 3 for training and process improvement. Within a month, the ID+A sales force was organized, communicating with each other, and improving their effectiveness in sales and project management.

“First and foremost, we used WorX Solution to increase our understanding of our client base, prospective clients, and our sales efforts,” says Jessica. “We have made this successful by creating a CRM Mentor (that’s me), that truly understands the program, the initiatives, and our future projections and plans that we expect to come from using this platform.”

The Process

  • Identified and assigned a Team CRM Lead
  • Invested in an inexpensive business card scanner and requested the sales team’s most up-to-date cards, notes and contacts
  • Imported information into an Excel spreadsheet
  • Worked with WorX Solutions Management to input that list in the CRM
  • WorX Solution worked with ID+A to create custom designed dashboards and reporting to satisfy ID+A’s specific needs
  • ID+A trained their sales team in small groups to learn and utilize the CRM platform for improved sales, and sales forecasting.


  • Improved Financial Planning, Sales and Forecasting
    • “This has made out financial planning for the next 90 days better than ever. The leadership team was able to see a list of projects and offer assistance in closing deals. Not only were we closing more deals, we were more efficient  in doing so.”
    • Cut time, energy, and guessing. ID+A was able to focus on prospecting on quality leads and projects.
  • Improved Communication and Efficiencies
    • All information was public within ID+A and allowed sales from different departments to pass their leads onto the appropriate representatives and department.

“We’ve seen such an improvement in process and sales forecasting by using the WorX Solution CRM. Implementing the CRM has created complete transparency across ID+A and our sales team; it took the guessing out of everything and allowed us to be more intentional and effective in our day-to-day activities”

– Jessica Hardin, ID+A

For more information about how the WorX Solutions Management can help improve your bottom line and with better data analysis, transform your data from spreadsheets to WorX Solutions, and experience better business results, please fill our this contact form or call us at 615-669-6791.

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Click Here to see the full case study.

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