Guest Blog: “Sticky” Goals.

Poste it notesDid you know the Post-It Note was created in 1969 by 3M?  The original yellow color was actually used because it was the color of scrap paper int the lab.  But today, the Post-It’s versatility and use is often an office environment’s lifesaver tool. In fact, there is even a Post-It Note app!  My friends at WorXSolutions use post-it notes to help clients understand visually how their business flows.  That “visual” makes a real difference to the team.

Think about your goals for 2015.  Now imagine if every member of your team had those goals “posted” throughout their work environment as constant reminders of where and how to focus their efforts this year.  Powerful isn’t it?  As a leader, you can create a “sticky strategy” to ensure that same effect occurs.

These three tips will help your goals “stick” to team and “stick” to results.

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